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Yoga For Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is being able to stay motivated, pushing yourself ahead and having the willpower to take action regardless of what you are feeling. It is one of the most important things as it helps you stay in control of yourself, your decisions and your reactions in all types of situations. It boosts your self-esteem and helps you accomplish your goals in life and not just that, the most important thing is that it helps you focus on your path, your decisions, your goals, etc. it gives you the power to stick with the decisions you make and gives you will power to stand by without changing your mind or having a second thought. 

One of the most basic principles and code of conduct of yoga is self-discipline. It focuses our attention on the important things we want to focus on. Yoga helps you to be more disciplined mentally and physically. This enables us to let go of things that have been holding us back from achieving in life. It helps us understand the power we own over ourselves. 

Maintaining Self-discipline in Practicing Yoga

Self-discipline in yoga is known as tapas, which symbolizes the desire for learning and willingness to do the work. As muscles get tensed, it’s better to bring change little by little, or your mind will rebel, and you would get frustrated instead. 

We have mentioned down the 2 most important attributes that will help you to maintain self-discipline to practice yoga:

  • Awareness:

You need to have a clear knowledge about the outcome and the activities you do, so the decisions you make will help you focus better and achieve the results you desire. Firstly, you need to understand and be aware of why you want to practice yoga and what changes you expect from it to bring changes in you, your body and your mental well-being. A clear understanding of it and full awareness will help you give a clear perception of everything and will only motivate you to incorporate yoga into your daily routine. To better understand it, it’s always better to have conversations about it with like-minded people. Have full awareness about the yoga forms and their benefits.

  • Consistency:

There are no shortcuts in the path of progress, and only consistent efforts lead you to success. Doing yoga, something so powerful, a part of your daily routine, will help you greatly in achieving mental discipline. Once you achieve mental discipline, you start seeing changes in you that are positive, and you will notice a great difference in your lifestyle. 

Having consistency in yoga can be achieved by having a proper sleeping schedule with 7-8 hours of sleep and maintaining it, avoiding the use of electronic gadgets before bed because that will directly affect your sleep and practicing yoga at a fixed time every day because of irregularity in time can also cause inconsistency in practice. 

Steps to observe self-discipline while practicing yoga:

  • Be comfortable. Take your time on the mat. Close your eyes and relax your shoulders.
  • Have gratitude. It takes time to come to this moment, so give yourself some gratitude for coming to this point. 
  • Relax: if you feel uncomfortable, take a deep breath and relax your shoulder. Bring together all the magic and moments together.  
  • Activate your upper body: move your head in small circles with your arms relaxed down and move your shoulders in small circles.
  • Following are the poses that you need to follow in your yoga practice to maintain self-discipline:
  • Child pose
  • Downward dog pose 
  • Low lunge 
  • Warrior pose 
  • Lion pose 
  • Corpse pose


Take your time to be with yourself on the mat no matter what’s going in your mind, your heart or your body committing to yourself; it’s where the routine of self-discipline will benefit us. It’s not about limiting or conforming; rather, it’s about closing your eyes and feeling stillness and doing what your heart desires.   

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