How to Work Out For Tennis

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How to Work Out For Tennis 3 Workouts for Tennis Gamers

Tennis sure is an amazing game, How to Work Out For Tennis, loves the fun you get when you consistently hit the ball back and forth and get into the moment while keeping all of your focus onto the game and not caring about anything else other than taking the perfect shot at the ball and scoring a good point against your opponent.

While the game indeed is a great sport that offers a lot of fun, getting good at it requires a lot of stamina and strength. If you are someone who wants to get more powerful and resilient on the tennis court, then following this How to Work Out For Tennis guide will be perfect for you because here, we have prepared a powerful strengthening routine for you.

Following this powerful three-step tennis strength routine, you will find yourself becoming more powerful on the court and will also be able to prevent different possible injuries. Apart from this, the power of your shot will also increase, thus making you an undefeatable beast on the court.

How to Work Out For Tennis First Exercise: Lower Body Leg Strengthening:

The first exercise in this three-step tennis strengthening routine is a lower-body leg strengthening exercise. This exercise includes a single-leg squat, which is an excellent exercise for making your legs more powerful and offers better movement in the court.

The steps to this exercise are as follows.

  1. Lift up one of your legs off the ground and stand on one leg
  2. Now squat down on your one leg and make sure that the other leg stays up
  3. Repeat the same for the second leg and maintain a balance throughout

How to Work Out For Tennis. Second Exercise: Back Strengthening:

Your back muscles are an essential body part that is used a lot while playing tennis; during tennis, a lot of movement and strength comes from the back; thus, the second exercise focuses on strengthening your back and giving you a better posture.

The steps to which are as follows.

  1. Grab a towel and hold it with both your hands in a deadlift position
  2. Now keep lifting the towel upwards in a rowing position
  3. Make sure that you are feeling the force in your back muscles and continue

How to Work Out For Tennis. Third Exercise: Core Strengthening:

Tennis is a game of balance and stability, and the better balance and stability you have, the better you can get at the game, which is why the third exercise of this three-step strengthening routine is a core strengthening exercise that focuses on increasing your balance while you are in the court.

The steps to perform the core strengthening exercise are as follows.

  1. Lay down a towel or exercise mat
  2. Get down into a plank position and make sure it’s a perfect plank
  3. Lift one of your hands and touch it on the opposite shoulder and keep it back on the ground
  4. Do the same for the other hand and repeat the process around five times for both hands.


These exercises are indeed the best for you if you have started or are trying to become better at the game. The best thing about these exercises is the fact that you won’t require any extra equipment other than your will to do them. We hope you will follow these exercises and make yourself a beast on the tennis court.

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