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Best CrossFit and Exercise Fails Compilation 2016

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How To Avoid Exercise Fails Introduction

How To Avoid Exercise Fails ? People desire to have their ideal body, and going to the gym every day becomes their main resolution. Becoming a gym-obsessed maniac is their goal without working out under a fitness trainer. Following a bunch of amateurs gym freaks, they think they can handle and straight go for vigorous and heavy lifts. And become a part of the hilarious viral compilations on the internet.

If you want to start your fitness journey, follow this video to avoid any mishaps or serious injuries. Follow the guidelines from professionals, and then perform your day-to-day workouts. And to steer clear from becoming one of the cracks from this video. This hilarious video of gym failure compilations will make your day wholesome and teach you what you shouldn’t follow.

How To Avoid Exercise Fails – Best Gym Fails Moments Captured

How2Fit has compiled a video of some cracking moments for you guys to laugh and learn from the mistakes. Consider this a guide video on how not to work out. Gym enthusiasts, here are some of the serotonin boosters, and don’t try this at home moments.

A treadmill with a gym ball is not a perfect move.

So, here’s a thing never use a gym ball while a running treadmill is in front of you, or else this might happen to you.

Burpees with a backflip while catching a medicine ball, Oops

Doing burpees is already a big deal, and doing backflips with it is a legendary art. But taking hold of a medicine ball of some lbs. can crush your soul by framing you into an embarrassing moment. The girl in this video tried to perform this move, but sadly she failed to do it.

Knee Buckling during weightlifting

A must thing to do before lifting heavy weights is to warm up yourself and prepare your body for lifting. Gradually adding weights is crucial, but if you forget to do these checks, you may suffer from the same thing as this guy did.

How To Avoid Exercise Fails – A guide to Roundhouse Kick

Roundhouse kick requires a focused mindset and a proper form to perform this exceptional Taekwondo Roundhouse Kick. But the boy in this video kicked in the air instead of kicking the bag. As it says, “The kid’s fighter stops working at a Roundhouse Kick.”

When you invite your friends for a pull-ups party

Performing Pull-ups at home with a pull-up bar not so firmly fixed on the doorframe is not a good option. And here in this video, a guy invited two of his friends to join the feast of pull-ups, and yes, the door frame broke.

When you outdo your calisthenics

Calisthenics needs a massive upper body strength with core strength. In this video, the guy performing calisthenics didn’t realize that he was already fatigued.

He is just focusing on doing crunches.

Push-down triceps workout and inventing a new move by crunching yourself is a crack dip that shows you love abs.

Falling on his face, the boy performs a massive move

While doing no-hand pushups, this lad smashed his jaw on the floor. Face falls and touches the ground with no hand support.

Hopping and lifting, and pulling the cables in one go is not very smooth

Reverse jumping while holding a weight in one and pulling a triceps cable with another, this guy crashed all odds and was pulled back by the machine.


In this tape, they assembled the best gags films. The How2Fit has the best moments compiled in this short 5-minute video. You can laugh and learn from their silly and embarrassing mistakes.

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